Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Apple A Day

Well, I did it! I made the Apple Outfit.

Here is my Eve in her new outfit. The applique was a little more difficult than I thought. Turns out there is a reason they tell you to use interfacing. Who knew?

I hope she'll wear it. She did not like the feel of all the seams in the skirt, and they are many. I told her she could wear a slip under it.

I hope I did not spend all afternoon on this for no reason.

Tomorrow I have to make Ann's.

I also got some more fabric to make myself a skirt or two, but I think it's going to take me a while to recover from this project.


the long thread said...

Looks great! Yes, I am a big fan of interfacing, but sometimes people are intimidated by it.

You could always line the skirt to cover the seams. But after all that gathering you probably need a break.

Good luck on the next one -- maybe an a-line skirt!

Happy Mommy said...

I like the one you made much better than the picture, Very pretty!

Andrea said...

I love the idea of a matching skirt! I'm going to have to make some for my girls.

"Dove" said...

Simply precious!

Perhaps a muslin underskirt, just long enough to cover the seams?

Love the fabrics you chose. What a fun project!