Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Things that must be done today.

1. Make attempt at meal plan for the family that eats like a pack of wolves

2. Back room organization - the back room is the overflow room. It is the size of a postage stamp and yet holds the tv, some kid toys, the computer, the game closet, and 3 bookshelves holding all last year’s curriculum, and next year’s curriculum. It also has a couch bed in it, as it doubles (or triples?) as our guest room. Because of these things I could have subcategories from a to z. But I won’t. We’ll just leave it at ‘backroom’ and move on.

3. Make at least 20 phone calls that I have put off for some unknown reason to make appointments, confirmations, check status of…, and check up on…

4. Do laundry (I have enough loads of dirty laundry to climb to the moon, NASA, you don’t need a shuttle, give me a ringie dingy.)

5. Put away the laundry that is collecting dust in the baskets in my bedroom

6. Go find the place that sells diesel for The Tank and listen to it guzzle hundreds of dollars.

That is not all, there is much more I need to do. The thing is…it’s raining. And it’s a Monday. And we’ve been up really late many nights in a row (thank you Olympics). And the kids are all quietly watching the Olympics (amazing!) And I am still in my bed on the computer with no plans to move.

Something tells me today is not going to be one of the more productive days of my week. But if we’re going to start something that resembles school on Monday of next week I’m going to have to get my rear in gear.

But probably not today.

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