Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I believe it was approximately 245 degrees here yesterday. Or maybe 105, same difference.

It is our 25th or so day in a row of over 100 temps, but really after 4 or 5, who cares. It’s just stinkin’ HOT.

Why do I live here? Why? Why? Why?

This is the international sign of defeat. We just gave up. There is no possible way to get cool other than copious amounts of Dairy Queen. Even the pool feels like a tepid bath, and who wants to take a tepid bath on the surface of the sun?

So we went to Dairy Queen for a date and ate these, in our air conditioned car, and instead of enjoying the nature we just felt sorry for it.

Poor sad nature. It’s wilting.

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Happy Mommy said...

My favorite DQ~!! I love all things peanut butter and chocolate! Happy hotness!