Sunday, March 2, 2008

An Answer and a Look Back.

Happy Mommy mentioned in a comment that she wondered what I was using for school for my kiddoes.

First of all, let me refer you to…
What are we doing this year? Part 1
What are we doing this year? Part 2
What are we doing this year? Part 3
What are we doing this year? Part 4, The Highschooler

Now, I think I am going to start a post series entitled…

What worked this year? (Because I am a creative genius when it comes to titles.)

It this series I will be discussing, you guessed it, what worked and what didn’t.

I have found with homeschooling that no matter how much I plan and how much homeschooling experience I have, there is something every year that does not turn out like I thought it would.

So keep your eyes pealed and your fingers nimble. I’ll work on it for next week.

Also, because I think it would be loads of fun, and I am eternally curious, why don’t you do a post like this too? It does not have to be a complete overview, but maybe just a post about what things you had high hopes for, and it did not turn out like you planned.

Because I am not sure I can figure out the Mr. Linky thing, just leave me a comment and I’ll come check out your posts.

And just to wet your appetite, go check this out. This is the coolest thing since slice bread. All 3 of my younger kids use it and it was worth every penny.

You are now free to move about the Internet.


Sandy said...

We love Flashmaster! It's on my 'What Worked" list. I'll have to give the rest some thought because "Thinking I had a clue what I was doing" is at the top of my "What Didn't Work" list.

BTW, really enjoying your writing!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Though we are taking a homeschooling break for the next few months- I will at least be homeschooling our 5 year old next year, I am still interested in this. I have friends who use Flashmaster- they really like it.