Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Beach!

4 days until we leave for the beach!

I am equal parts joyful anticipation; because, you know, the beach! and terror; because, you know, the lycra spandex! (and I am absolutely certain that my high school English teacher would go into pickled fits if she saw the punctuation in that sentence, but I am no longer in high school and I have the freedom to creatively punctuate.)

So, people of the interent, has anyone been to Galveston TX? Can you tell me of a little known, hole in the wall type of restaurant that serves the best seafood? Sir D likes to live dangerously, and wants to find such an establishment. And because I’d like to keep shots for hepetitus exposure out of my future, I’d prefer to go somewhere that was recommended to me. Help a girl out will ya?

Now let’s take a moment to reflect on this…

4 more days.


Halfmoon Girl said...

That sounds like a great getaway! I do NOT know of any great seafood restaurants in Texas- but if you want to check out my beaches, I will cook you up some fresh catch from the sea. I am warning you that the water will be cold here at this time of year though!

Tricia said...

As much as I would love to come visit your beaches and eat your cooking, I think it might take a bit longer than 5 hours to drive there. But thakns for the invite.


I am also sure that your beaches are much more beautiful than the gulf coast, but I gotta appreciate what's close.

One day I'm going to see the ocean from somewhere other than the gulf. I hear it's a majestic thing.