Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We postpone the regularly scheduled post...

I’m just letting you know that the ‘What Worked: The Highschooler’ post will not be posted until Friday. I know many of you are going to be sad and you might even wonder how you are going to make it through Thursday without the ‘What Worked: The Highschooler’ post. I can only say; I’m sorry to cause pain to anyone, but it was unconsciously done, and I hope will be of short duration. (I love to quote Elizabeth Bennett whenever possible.)

You see, tomorrow is co op day. And as I have mentioned several times, co op day makes me tired. I am only capable of typing inconsequential posts on co op day, and homeschooling a highschooler is anything but inconsequential. I’ll have to put it off until Friday when I can put my whole mind to it. (I know I’m being optimistic thinking that I’ll have a whole mind on Friday)

So until then, you are free to roam about the Internet, but be careful, it’s dangerous out there!

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Halfmoon Girl said...

I love Pride and Prejudice quotes!