Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I see Him in the snow.

I know I promised a ‘what worked’ post today, and I have it done, I’ll probably post it later, but I just could not help posting about our snow last night.

I love snow. I’m a Kansas girl at heart and we had snow there; big, wet flakes that float down, leaving great mounds of fun on the ground.

Here in Texas, snow is uncommon. We do occasionally get ice pellets or sleet, or even stuff that resembles snow, but it is a rare day when we get to watch those big fat flakes come down.

I was a little disappointed that the snow fell after the kids were in bed. They didn’t get to see it. I went out last night to take photos for them. It was just so beautiful. Big, fat flakes falling softly to the ground. It was so quite, so still.

There is just something about the sound of a snowfall. It’s as if the falling snow mutes everything else. Everything becomes softer, quieter, and more beautiful. I stood outside and watched and listened and enjoyed.

It was kind of a Spiritual moment for me. You see, it’s been a big few weeks around here. Sir D was offered a job yesterday; one that we have been waiting on for some time. The idea of this job has been hanging out there in the wings for almost a year; a possibility, a whispered promise, but not spoken out loud. Until yesterday.

Yesterday he got the call. We are so excited. The job is actually closer to home so no moving. He will be a branch manager; a big change for him. One I know he will do well at. I Praise the Lord for his provision.

Also, I got my first article published. I love to write. I write a lot but rarely submit anything. It’s like I don’t really believe anything I could create would be worth reading. What could I possibly have to say that others would want to hear? But the first (okay second) time I submitted something, it was published. I think it was perhaps the Lords way of saying to me ‘I gave you a talent, don’t bury it in the ground’. I am trying to listen.

And last but certainly in no way least. We wrote the biggest check we’ve ever written in our lives. We have paid off all of our short term debt. I can’t believe I just typed that. It has been such a long road getting out of debt. All we have left is 3 months on the van and then 5 years on the house. Then we will have NO debt.

We’ve only been able to do this because the Lord has blessed Sir D at work these last 2 years. I am so very thankful. It is still very fresh in my mind those days of great stress and worry. How were we going to pay the bills? Which bill can we put off till next month? How many nights in a row can we eat beans and rice before the whole family revolt?

So I stood outside last night, listening to the soft snow fall around me and it was such a tender moment. In the silence of a snowfall, I felt refreshed. Deeply thankful for this moment in time where the Lord is blessing us. I know that in this world we will have troubles. We’ve had them in the past and I know we’ll have them in the future; but standing outside in the dark, surrounded by the muted sounds of a snowfall, feeling the snow landing in my hair and on my face and crunch under my feet. It is if I could feel God surrounding me.

I don’t want summer to come, I want winter to stay. I want more snow to fall. But summer is coming. Hot, sticky 100 degree days are right around the corner. I am going to commit to memory the feelings of last night’s snowfall, and the arms of God surrounding me.


Tonya said...

Oh Tricia, you should submit this blog post to something. I don't know what, but something! Beautifully written. So glad that you are feeling God's blessings.

Halfmoon Girl said...

That was a lovely post. I could totally feel the soft wintery blanket of snow around me. I love that feeling!

Tricia said...

Glad you liked the post, Tonya and Jane!

Today it is sunny and 50 degrees. The snow is all gone. It is almost like it never happened.

I am so glad I took the time to stop and enjoy it while it was here. Moments like that are rare.