Saturday, March 15, 2008

Let My People Go!

You know that last day before you leave town? The Day of the Errand, we like to call it around here.

There are many things to do like,

1. Take back books to my library that are not renewable.

2. Take back video to the other library someone loaned me, because they would be angry with me if they had to pay a fine and wouldn’t lend me things their library lends them anymore.

3. Go buy food to pack.

4. Take fish to friend’s house so they will be fed.

5. Put great gobs of gas, equaling the amount of the National Debt, into the Mother Ship in preparation for our trip.

6. Go by the bank to get money to use to put gas in the Mother Ship. (should probably do this before I do #5)

7. Go by the dollar store to buy little containers to hold the medicine in the medicine cabinet that is currently in a laundry basket after I went postal yesterday while trying to find some Advil and emptied all the vitamin/medicine/first aid stuff into a basket to be organized and sorted. (why oh why do I start projects like this right before we are about to leave town?)

8. Go pick up the Rottweiler and very big, mean, Marine who owns said vicious dog, who will be staying in our house and protecting all our stuff from possible marauders while we’re enjoying our beach vacation.

9. Try not to kill my children or my husband while I run these errands.

Sir D has his own list of similar ‘must do’ items to accomplish to day. He took three of our offspring with him. They all had to come back inside to get something they forgot before he could pull of the driveway.

I believe I heard Sir D mutter under his breath as he walked out the door for the third time “If I were Moses, I’d have just left them in the desert.”

Perhaps it is a good thing God did not call Sir D to lead his people out of Egypt, he gets frustrated just trying to lead his people to the beach.

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