Thursday, March 6, 2008

She has so very many words.

She looks so sweet, calm and serene doesn’t she. Don’t let the photo fool you. While she is sweet she is anything but calm and serene.
Have you ever heard the phrase ‘being peppered with questions’? I did not fully appreciate what this phrase meant until Ann learned to talk. Ann asks A LOT of questions. My first three children did not do this. Don’t get me wrong, they were inquisitive as most children are, but they understood that some things just are, and they could accept that. Not so Ann. She needs an explanation. For. Everything.

She is the only child I had who really did want to know why the sky is blue, why the grass is green and where babies come from. Needless to say, she has kept us on our toes.

So today Ann and I are sitting at the dining room table eating lunch together; the other kids are at co op but because Ann’s Scottish Rite was canceled today, she got to come home with me when my classes were done.

So there we are. The house is pretty quiet since it’s just the two of us. We talked about a few things but mainly we were just enjoying the quiet. Or so I thought. Ann uses quiet to listen to all the questions floating around in her brain and put voice to them. The quiet was not long lasting.

Ann: “Mom, if there is an emergency who do I call first, you or 911?”

Me: “Um, depends on the emergency (remember I’m talking to my drama queen here). If you feel your life is in danger call 911, otherwise call mommy first, and anyway you’re brothers are always here if I’m not.”

Ann: “What’s the number to the fire station?”

Me: “You call 911 and they send the fireman if that is what is needed”

Ann: “Can’t you get into trouble if you call 911 and you don’t really need help?”

Me: “Yes dear, you can get fined.”

Ann: “Why didn’t we get fined when Bob called 911?” (don’t ask)

Me: “They were showing us Mercy. My guess is, if it happened again we’d get fined.”

Ann: “Is the fine a lot of money”

Me: “I don’t really know honey, but I expect so”

Ann: “Hummm.”

I am about to go hide all the phones in the house.

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~just me~ said...

LOL! my daughter's just like that! the silence never comes! :)