Friday, March 21, 2008

Back From the Sea!

We are home.

I am tired, and I am sunburned as one would expect after a week at the beach, but I feel great!

What a wonderful vacation!

Galveston is a great place except that you have to drive through hell Houston to get there. hell Houston takes an inordinantly LONG TIME to drive through.

This is the first thing I did when I got out of the car.

Then I made my kids to it for this photo, because I just think feet in the sand is the coolest thing.

Look at these great kids!

This was the first day; before jellyfish, sunburns, too many sweet and not enough sleep; back when they still liked each other.

Oh, I have tales for you. Tales of the sea. But

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Glad you're back- glad you had a good time- look forward to some details and more pics!