Monday, March 24, 2008

The Day the Sea Vomited Jellyfish.

When we first got to the beach on Sunday, you will remember that we immediately ran out in the surf and stuck our feet in the ocean. What was quite shocking though is how little beach there was to run on.

Two years ago when we were there we would go across the dunes on a cute little wooden bridge, and then run the 30 to 40 yards to get to the water. Not so this time. This time we crossed the bridge and ran the 3 to 5 FEET it took to get to the ocean.

The ocean, it was angry that day. This photo does not really do it justice. There was wind and foam and spray and huge waves, all things one definitely does not expect to see in the Gulf of Mexico, at least not along the Texas coastline.

After we got settled in the beach house we grabbed our beach paraphernalia and headed across the beach.

We had no where to set up except the dunes, so that is where we put our chairs. I got comfy, or as comfy as one can get while sitting on sand dunes in 40 mph winds with sea spray in my face, and it was COLD by the way. The kids immediately ran into the ocean in their swimsuits, because if you’re under 18 you do not feel the cold.

There Sir D and I are, happy as clams watching our offspring enjoy the beauty that is God’s creation when I began to notice something strange in the dunes after the sea foam dissipated. Something blue and jelly like. No, it was not a pan of blueberry jello someone dumped into the ocean as someone who is defiantly not me might have originally thought.

It was a jellyfish. Or, more accurately, many, many jellyfish. And upon further inspection of the dunes, we realized that not only where there jellyfish of the blue variety, but we had some larger, transparent ones in the dunes as well.

The sea was vomiting jellyfish. The same sea that my beloved children were currently frolicking in. Hummm, Perhaps frolicking in jellyfish laden surf was unwise, nay even reckless.

I suggested to Sir D that perhaps we should get our offspring to come out of the dangerous water. Sir D, who was raised in the jungles of New Guinea, thought that would spoil their fun. I, who was raised in mid America, thought a Jellyfish sting would spoil their fun. Sir D won.

Because the Lord is in his Heaven and apparently it was not my children’s day to get stung, they managed to dodge jellyfish, and have a great time.

I have decided that from the moment children are born. The child and the father conspire together to find ways to live recklessly and shorten everyone’s life expectancy. The only reason anyone lives beyond the teen years is because of mothers.

Forget Mothers Day, I think we need a mothers week!


Halfmoon Girl said...

I used to jump into the ocean in November. (that water here isn't that warm even in the summer- though we all get in then). I never felt the cold when I was a child either. My kids have been stung by jellyfish- it really hurts, so I don't blame you for being worried. And yes, peeing on it does work. Fortunately, it was my 8 year old boy who got stung last summer, and I was able to convince him to pee on his own foot. He was very reluctant at first, but was quite impressed when it subsided the pain!

Daisy said...

Hmmm. I've never had to deal with jellyfish stings; we don't get them on Lake Michigan. :) I'm glad they were lucky!

chickadee said...

amazing. neat in a scary way.