Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why was I looking forward to summer?

Will, Bob and Bob’s friend got up at 8 am and left for the local lake/water park with the youth group. Eve and Ann cleaned their room and did their chores while I spent hours gulping coffee and trying to wake up cleaned my room.

Ann went to the skating rink with a friend and Eve and I went to the bank, the homeschool store and Wal-mart.

Eve and I spent hours at Wal-mart buying enough groceries to maybe last the night, thought it cost millions and took hours to accomplish.

I dropped Eve off at the pool with a friend and spent even more hours unloading millions of dollars worth of groceries into the house. Then I unloaded the bags onto the table, then I cried put them away, then I drank a shot of whiskey coke zero as my reward.

I enjoyed my quiet house for 4.3 seconds until Ann was dropped off at home. I fell asleep on the couch while Ann was telling me ALL ABOUT THE SKATING AND THE SNACKS AND THE MUSIC AND THE SKATING.

Shortly after I got Ann busy watching tv with a very educational and edifying activity, the boys walked in the house, dripping wet, hungry and overheated.

The three of them ate every last piece of food I bought at Wal-mart.

Eve was dropped off at home from the pool and the bonus boy was picked up.

Will went off to play soccer with his selected team. Eve, Ann and I ate the few crumbs that were left over.

Bob, Eve and Ann were sent to bed.

Will is still playing soccer.

Sir D and I are sitting here staring at the walls and drooling.

Tomorrow, we’ll do it all again.

Whoo hoo! Summer’s so fun.

It is possible there is a bit too much sarcasm and exaggeration in this post. Perhaps it was over the top…I never know.

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Sandy said...

As long as you didn't give in to the shot of whiskey, I don't think it's over the top at all. Ah, life with teenagers.