Wednesday, July 30, 2008

College? Really?

I just got back from taking The Teenager to our local community college and enrolling him. Well, he enrolled himself. He’s a college student now, he does not need his mommy for such things. Though he did need me for the book purchasing portion of this little adventure; I guess in that area, I’ll always be needed.

He still has two years of high school to finish, but he’ll be getting college credit while he does it. Imagine how much college he’ll have already done by the time he really starts college. I can’t help but think how much further I’d have gotten in college if I’d had the opportunity to start in high school.

Yeah, that is totally the reason I didn’t get far in college.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that your offspring have (or are about to) supersede you in smarts. Yikes.

Oh, well. At least he’ll always need me for my money. Except wait, it’s Sir D with the job.

Humm… I make a mean cake?

I can separate laundry like nobodies business?


Gotta GROW with it said...

i saw you over at jane' it okay to poke around on friends of friend's blogs? ;o) happy bday to you i hear?! and this post....makes me less whinie about my oldest starting 4th grade this fall.

nice to meet ya!

Tricia said...

Come on over anytime and thanks for the birthday wishes.

My advice? Don't blink because if you do, he'll be going off to college! :o)