Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just another evening on the Hilltop.

The boys must give me a lot of fodder, because since they have been gone I have hit a bit of a dry spell on the old blog.

I have nothing to write about.

I mean, yesterday I confessed to the whole World Wide Web that I have a bit of a problem with speed (in the car not the drug! Good grief, people! Clean up your minds! Oh, no one thought that but me? Whoops.)

Please hold on while I rapidly and without warning, change subjects.

Last night Sir D called on his way home from work and asked if I wanted to go to a Rangers game.

“Now?” I ask

“Yes, now. No one used the tickets so I have 4 we can use. It’s a bit cooler out right now since it rained a bit and the girls will love it.” Has he met our daughters?

“Sure, I say”

While I try to mentally gear up for a loud Rangers game when I thought I’d be staying home in my quiet, air conditioned house the girls ran gleefully around getting ready.

It was not so much the Rangers playing that was drawing them as the later bedtime.

Once Sir D got home, he mentioned that It was still raining in Arlington (he works close to the stadium) so I’d better check if the game was still going on.

Nope, rain delay.

So instead of going to a Rangers game we all got in the car went and bought ice cream and a slushy for the non dairy girl and drove around our little town. We saw the two houses we once owned, sadly they’d seen better days, like the days we lived in them.

The girls watched a video (yes, I mean video, the big black kind of ye olden days) in the car while Sir D and I ate ice cream and talked about the days of yore.

Not a Ranger game, but I think I liked it better all things considered. Now had we been talking about tickets to see a Cowboy game and it got rained out, well, that would have been a whole different matter. And anyway, the Cowboys play in the rain.

Wimpy Rangers.


Happy Mommy said...

We have never been back to see any of our old houses. I would love to see what they look like now.

Amanda said...

In the spring I went back to see an old house of ours and discovered it had been painted PINK. The neighbor across the street always complained about our not changing the planter beds with the seasons. I actually laughed out loud when I discovered he now lived across the street from a giant wad of gum. Hilarious!