Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lovely List Format


My mom is coming for a visit.

We have a huge 4th of July celebration to go to (and help out with) on Friday.

The Teenager is having sign-up’s for the Select soccer team he wants to join. I do believe we are all going to take a little 45 minute drive down to the practice area on Saturday.

This Saturday is also The Other Teenager’s 14th birthday (how the heck did that happen?)

I have to get my Mom to my Sisters on Sunday and The Teenagers leave for Church Camp.

Sometime in there I will need to go through The Teenagers bags to make sure they brought more than candy and sports magazines with them to camp; you know, throw some fresh undies and a toothbrush in their bags.

I have to do all those things while feeding and generally taking care of a family.

You may not see me much around the blog until Monday.

Go forth and enjoy your liberties and God Bless America!


Tonya said...

Have fun at the big party today! I keep thinking we'll make it to that party one year. So far, I can't be enticed to come to Texas in the summer, just for a big party. :-)

Halfmoon Girl said...

busy times! I am finally get a chance to catch up over here. I see you have 4 posts to read1