Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Only Hair, It's Only Hair, It's Only Hair...

We had an interesting weekend around here. The Teenager decided it was time for a haircut. OH HAPPY DAY! I was getting a little tired of the long shaggy hair. It was 105 degrees here yesterday. If I could cut all my hair off, I’d do it too.

So we all went on our separate ways. The Teenagers went to run some errands and Sir D, Eve and I went to pick up Ann and her friend from a birthday party. We all reconvened at the house in the evening.

Then things went south.

The Teenager came in with his new haircut. It was kinda like this one except the sides were much shorter and the ‘hawk’ portion of this faux hawk was much longer.

My head exploded just a little bit. I got mad and yelled at him, and then he left to go to an appointment. Then I got mad and yelled at Sir D because Sir D was not mad at Will. Then Sir D got mad at me for being mad at him for not being mad at Will. Then Sir D called Will and yelled at him, for making me mad. Then Will was mad Sir D and myself for being mad at him. Oh, it was a beautiful day.

Then we all went to bed mad.

After a great night of tossing and turning, I finally got up at 5 am and had a little conversation with the Lord.

When The Teenager came out of his room I apologized to him. I told him that it was his hair; I should not be concerned with his hair. I told him that in my day kids with mo-hawks were dope smoking, rebellious, punks. I know that is not the case anymore, and I know he is not a dope smoking, rebellious, punk. I did warn him that many other people were going to respond just like I did and not take the time to look at his heart, but make their decisions about him based solely on his hair. If he is going to have hair like that, he is going to have to be prepared for that.

So, I now have a kid with a mo-hawk.

The parenting of teens, it is tricky my friends.


Michelle said...

There are a few teens at our church with mohawks. My 9 year old Jacob thinks it is cool and wants his like that. When he is old enough to pay for it then he can make that decision. I agree with your point that they will be judged. As sad as that is, it is true. My reaction would probably have been the same, if not worse.
Maybe I need to save your post in my computer for that day that I will have to face this! LOL
I do not envy you......

April said...

Hi Tricia! This is my first time to visit! I found you through Michelle's blog, we in fact go to church together, and I got so tickled at the mohawk story as I thought about some of the youth at our church too! Thanks for sharing, and for warning us of what we have to look forward to in "adventures in parenting" in the future. My kids are 8 and 5, so I still have some time to soak up any wisdom you could impart! LOL! :0D
April :0)

Tricia said...

That is the thing Michelle, because you've thought ahead about how to handle the mohawk thing, your children will not do that, they will do something else.

They never do the thing you are prepared for and instead do the thing you never even thought of!

I'm telling you God created teens just to make certain parents realize they are NOT in control; you know, for the few who didn't figure it out when their kids were 2. :o)

And Welcome April. I don't know how much wisdom I have, but you can certainly come over and laugh with me.

I may not have it all together in the parenting arena (who am I kidding, I know I don't have it all together in the parenting arena) but the antics of my crew are certainly entertaining!