Monday, July 7, 2008

They're gone again!

We celebrated the birthday, The Teenagers have left for camp, the mama has gone, and the 4th is over.

I do believe I am going to stay in bed for the rest of the week and recuperate. Ha! Wouldn’t that be nice? Sadly, I really must clean my bedroom. It is a wreck. It has become The Stashing Place.

Don’t know where it goes? Don’t have time to deal with it? Need to hide it so people won’t think we live in a pig sty? Put it in mom’s room! That is our motto. So now that I only have to deal with the social lives of the girls, I might get a minute this week to clean it up.

While I do jest about the boys being gone, I have to admit I don’t like it. I think it is a little easier than last year when they both went for the first time and Will had his jaw wired shut. This time I just sent him with poison ivy and his Prednisone to keep it from spreading all over his body like it does EVERY TIME he comes in contact with it.

Somehow, with Will’s 17th birthday just being weeks away, I am starting to think this feeling of ‘not-right-ness’ that a mother feels with her kids are gone is going to be something I just have to get used too. Is that how empty nesters feel? Just weird all the time? I was fine until bedtime. I always go check on everyone; shut doors make sure fans are on or off depending on the time of year, etc. It just feels so wrong to go to bed and not have my boys in their beds. Though I will say, this morning was nice and quite!

And on a completely different note; I have something new in the works. A little bloggity excitement! So check back later!

Happy Monday!

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