Saturday, July 12, 2008

Here, There and Everywhere.

Saturday, 8:30 am on the Hilltop.


Sir D has already left for work, expecting me to follow in about an hour to help with some office organization and cleaning.

I am still hiding under the covers, trying to decide why it’s so light and loud on the other side of my quilt.

Bob: Mom, C invited me to go on a mountain bike ride with him and Uncle C, I told them I couldn’t go because I have to watch the girls while you’re at Daddy’s shop, so Uncle C said the girls could stay at their house and play with E while the boys are riding, Auntie S will watch them.

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Will: Mom, I’m leaving for soccer practice at 11, but I’m going to run the kids to Uncle C’s now. Be back in a minute.

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Eve: (said in a panicky voice) But MOOOOOM, I’m supposed to go with H ice skating at 1. I can’t go to E’s house.

Will: Well, you can’t stay here all morning by yourself.

Eve: Could you drop me off at H’s house when you leave for soccer practice? I’ll call her and see if I can come a little early. Is that okay Mom?

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

Will: Mom, I’m going to take Bob and Ann to Uncle C’s house. Eve, I’ll take you to H’s on the way to soccer practice.

Everyone: Cool!

Me: urmuumh (from under the covers)

They totally don’t need me anymore.

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Michelle said...

I am such a visual person, I saw a little movie playing out in my head while reading this. LOL