Friday, July 18, 2008

Vanity, I have no time for you!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was going to get my highlights re done. The roots were beginning to show and we all know that is not attractive.

I called up the one and only decent hair place in my little suburb and asked for the best color lady. They made me an appointment with Brittney.

I should have known all was not going to end well when I heard my hair lady’s name was Brittney. Not that it is not a perfectly nice name, but with the whole Brittney Spears debacle, it just does not inspire confidence. It also makes me think she is probably fresh out of beauty school.

I was correct on both counts.

I got there at 5 till 1. My appointment was at 1. At about 1:05 Brittney came out and said she was running a bit behind and she’d we with me in a few minutes.

No problem, I brought a book, I am a patient person.

At 1:35 my patience ran out.

I walked up to the reception desk and asked her if she could please tell Brittney I could not wait any longer.

So I spent over half an hour sitting in a hair salon not getting my hair done. I really need to get my hair done! Why oh why did I get it highlighted in the first place? It seemed like a good idea at the time. My sister, my aunt and I were out for a day of beauty and I thought why not? Well now I know why not. Maintenance! I hate maintenance! Who has time to get one’s roots done? Especially if one has to wait at least half an hour before the process even begins.

I think I’m going to Walmart and buying a bottle of my natural color and dying it back. Honestly, the idea was to help the grey blend. I don’t care if the grey blends anymore. I say let the grey have its way with my head. I don’t have time for the alternative!


Tonya said...

Every time I visit Dawn, she highlights my hair. Within a few weeks, I'm cursing her. Who can maintain that? I will NOT pay for it, nor will I spend money on a babysitter to get it done, nor the time to get it done. So I hate it. Maybe now that we live here, she can do it on a regular basis for me! :-)

I saw the angel you sent for Katie. It's on the mantle. Dawn says it is her favorite now. Thanks!

justjuls said...

I am at the same place - I have these roots - and it's either go get the highlights redone - or bring back my original color.
It took years for friends to convince me and this is why - not only the time but the expense.
Last time I got them done at the beauty school and it took twice as long for them to do it - ugh.
Let us know what you end up doing.

Tricia said...

Tonya, I am so glad Dawn liked the Angel. It's hard to know what to do/say/send in that kind of a situation.

I still pray for her often when I try to imagine what her life must be like without Katie.

I am glad you made it to your destination. I heard the drive was killing you (can't imagine why :o) Glad to hear you made it!

A. Gair said...

Your birthday is coming up:) I have an excellent stylist...Matt has gone to her for quite a while and he is VERY PARTICULAR about his hair. She cut and colored my hair last week and she is GOOOOOOD! Anyway, I would love to give you a cut/color for your birthday! Her salon is close to me. Give me a Texas holler if this sounds good:)