Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why do we live here again?

Texas in the summer.


Hi 103
Lo 80
Humidity 53%

Mostly Clear

If the blog goes silent you'll know it is because I spontaneously burst in to flames. Let me tell you, 53% humidity makes 103 feel like 200.

I feel the need to also point out that we hit our low at 3 am for approximately 2.3 seconds.

I was standing outside talking to a friend from my Bible Study at 10:30pm and sweating. It was still 91 outside at 10:30 pm.

Sir D says we should go become missionaries in Bangladesh. We are already acclimated for it.

Today I'm hiding inside and praying for an early Fall.

(please forgive the lack of actual paragraphs in favor of random and somewhat unrelated statements. It's hard to think straight when it's so hot)

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