Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, the best laid plans and all that…

I had planned to do a post on my Eve, baby photos and all, because she was really an adorable baby. She was the only one of my children to have a dimple. A dimple and all those fat rolls! (why is it that dimples and fat rolls are no longer adorable when you’re an adult?)

But sadly, life got in the way. My scanner was uncooperative and all her baby photos are in the form of actual hold-in-your-hand photos. So you’ll have to make do with these two, which were for some reason, in digital form on my computer. Is she not the cutest?


Yesterday was quite busy, I had lots of shopping to do for Eve’s family birthday party. And I had to get the girls to their play practice.

She picked sloppy Joe's and cheetoes for dinner. Not the healthiest but at least it was easy to cook. She choose Angel Food Cake and strawberries for dessert.

Then she opened her gifts which were jewelry and chocolate from her brothers, a vase with flowers from her sister and a small backpack filled with cool pens and paper, and High School Musical DVD’s (1 & 2) and the HSM CD’s (1 & 2)from Sir D and I. And by the way, the play the girls are in? You guessed it; High School Musical.

I think I’m High School Musical’d out!

She also got chocolate in the bag, cool new (not kiddie, per her request) big white sunglasses and a new watch (also not kiddie, per her request).

After we opened gifts we played her favorite game, Take Two or Speed Scrabble.

There were many other things that happened yesterday but I won’t bore you with the details. It was just a busy day. I did not get to take Eve to lunch like I wanted to, but we’ll do it sometime next week.

Today I’m off to get my gray covered hair nicely highlighted. Frailty they name is woman.

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Kelsey S said...

Shes a cutie! Happy Birthday to her!