Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bigfoot And The Devourers (Hey, that sounds like a rock band)

D and I put all the kids to bed early last night because my kids can only handle so many nights of being up until the wee hours before something bad happens, and we watched a fascinating documentary…on Bigfoot. Because we’re cultured like that.

I have decided that Bigfoot is just someone who never stopped eating like a teenage boy. That is how he got so big. As for the hairy thing, well…I haven’t figured that one out yet. I can’t solve all the worlds’ mysteries.

And speaking of teen boys and eating. My devourers are eating me out of house and home! Every time we turn around they are eating. Last night D and I and the girls drove back up to Auntie R’s where we spent Christmas evening, to pick up all the things we’d forgotten, and she gave us more leftovers to take home. She has seen our devourers eat.

When we got home, the boys ate, and ate, and ate. Then I saw the pizza box by the trash can. Before they devoured at least two servings of everything we brought home from Auntie R’s they had both eaten half a pizza! And those boys are skinny! If I ate half as much as they do I’d be the size of Idaho.

And on a slightly different note, a couple of days ago my family, sans D who was a work, was eating lunch together. G was using less than stellar table manners.

Seriously, it is like he is afraid his food is going to get up and run off his plate so he must shovel it in as fast as he can. After reminding him a few times to have some couth for goodness sake! I finally asked him if he were born in a barn!

He replied “What’s wrong with that? Wasn’t Jesus born in a barn?”

“Um, yes…yes He was.”

But I’m thinking, despite his place of birth, Jesus had some table manners!

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Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, good comeback on his part. My SIL was actually born in a barn and I love to use that line on her when I get the chance! We will have 3 teenage boys at one point and I shudder to think of the grocery bill- cause you know that they will be bringing friends over as well.

Tricia said...

Oh, my.

If you're going to have three teen boys at once, start saving now.

Also buy a 2nd fridge! :o)