Friday, December 21, 2007

The Standoff

Some of you have asked if I knew how 'The Standoff' turned out since I did not stick around to find out.

I did watch the news that night and nothing about it showed up. It is somewhat disconcerting to know that I live in such a crime ridden big city, that a little ol' suburban standoff is not newsworthy.

Anyway, this is the little blurb I found on the website of our little suburbs newspaper. I wonder if it will be worthy of a whole article when the weekly paper comes out.

(Town name) police respond to Check N Go armed robbery Dec. 19
Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:30 AM CST

At 12:08pm officers with the (town name) Police Department responded to a robbery alarm in the 200 block of (street name) Drive. Officers arrived and made contact with the employee from Check N Go. He advised an unknown race male subject entered the location and displayed a handgun and demanded money. While the suspect was attempting to get into a cash drawer the employee was able to leave the location. Officers arrived a very short time later and then determined that the suspect had fled out of the back door of the location. The suspect was described as an unknown race male about 5'5" with a thin build and he has not been located at this time.

So apparently checking to see if the back door was locked was not such a ridiculous idea after-all!

So there you go, another crime gotten away with. This burns me up. If criminals would just spend as much time working as they do working to steal...UGH!

BTW, they do leave out the part where they locked down all the stores and stood in the parking lot for at least half an hour aiming guns at the Check N Go before the ascertained the guy got out the back. We wouldn't want them to appear like the Keystone Cops or anything. :o)


Tonya said...

That reminds me of your town being in the news recently for something else. Apparently there is a s** club there that the residents are trying to get closed down. Nice. Very nice. I forwarded the article to my parents and C&S and they didn't even respond. :-) Hi, I live in a nice town, we have a bad school system, lots of crime and oh, a s** club in a local man's house! :-) Welcome! I'm so proud that I went to school there.

Tricia said...

Oh, and don't forget the fight at the high school that was recorded by someones phone IN THE SCHOOL DURING SCHOOL HOURS that went on and on and on and on, (because the teachers were all on a break?).

That one made the national, evening news.

Yes, we are proud of our little town.