Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Welcome To Our Christmas Morning…

These photos show perfectly the personalities of my girls. Here is A with all her Christmas gifts and the wrapping paper surrounding her in a disorganized mess, while she gleefully surveyed the scene.

This is E with all her wrapping paper cleaned up and all her gifts neatly stacked, analyzed, and catalogued.

And here I am with my new wood blinds for the downstairs. I was up until; I don’t know I stopped looking at the clock at 1:30.The kids could only be coerced into staying in bed until 7am. So this is not me at my best, but those are some really comfy pj’s just FYI.

The girls and I all got toe socks, I am not sure I can handle toe socks. My piggies need to feel their sisters or they become unhappy.

Here is Dave being silly and holding a gift that my teen boys wrapped for him with a quilt and dirty shoe laces.

Here is B with the new stereo system for his truck, which I think might be worth more than his truck.

Here is G, the next great Rock Star, if he can just figure out how to tune the thing.

This is what we did after we opened presents. We had breakfast, lit all the Advent candles, and read the Christmas Story while we watched the Jesus candle flicker.

Then I took a LONG nap!

I hope your day was as wonderful.


Tonya said...

Off the subject of Christmas, are you going to Sally Clarkson's conference? She has one in Dallas every year, this year it is in February. Since you just wrote about her book, I thought maybe you would be going.

Glad you had a nice Christmas!

Tricia said...

I went to one last year. I would really like to go to the one this year as well, but we'll see.

It was a wonderful conference, I highly recommend going to one if ever you can.

Tonya said...

I've actually thought it would be a good excuse to come to Texas (or Colorado - there is one in the Springs in January). If I went to one in Texas, I'd have to bring all the kids. They RARELY come there, so it would be a real treat for them to get to see where Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle C & Aunt S live. Ya know? So, it would be a very expensive conference. :-) But I'm sure worth it - both the conference and the kids getting to go.