Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Um, you know when you have an electronic object that will not work and you call customer service or try to read the troubleshooting section in the informational pages? You know how the first thing they ask you is if you have checked to see if it is plugged in? And you get irritated and mutter under your breath, “who are these idiots who call customer service without checking the plug first?”

Yeah, here is me raising my hand.

First there is the crock pot thing. I did this again last night by the way. B noticed it in time and we got it plugged in before it was too late.

Remember this post where the clock would not work?

Well, those times no one but me and my 10 daily readers knew. But this time I took up the time of the Dish Network customer service people with my idiocy. My remote stopped working so I did the logical thing, I asked D to fix it. He told me to replace the batteries. I did this and it would still not work. I thought it needed to be re programmed or something so I called customer service.

After she walked me through the steps to re program the remote and it still would not turn on the TV, she asked me if I could manually turn on my TV. Um, that would be a no.

“Is it plugged in?”

“Um, no. No it’s not.”

Brilliance in action my friends!


Tonya said...

That, is hilarious. You actually made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Jenny in Ca said...

oh goodness, I am laughing so hard!

well, we all do such things-it will be a good story for a long time.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* That's too funny... Came across your page from TWDM. Loved the DNA experiment with the peas.