Monday, December 17, 2007

The post in which she uses scrupture for her own ends...

So, today I must…

Go to Walmart again.

Go to Michael’s again.

Bake copious amounts of sugar cookies and Pumpkin bread and figure out a way to hide it so my family of devourers does not eat it all before I can send it to those it was intended for.

Wrap a sickening amount of gifts.

Read the advent book to the kids and get caught up on our Advent ornament thingie (today would be the 17th and I believe we are on day 11.

Do all this and BE MERRY! Because it is Christmas and I refuse to be the Grinch I sometimes feel like!

Perhaps in order to be Merry I should take the advice of William Shakespeare and the great Prophet Isaiah, and I should eat and drink. You know, ‘Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow we shall die’?

Is 9 am to early for a glass of wine? Hehehe!

So I charge you all, Go forth unto all the world and preach the gospel…and eat drink and be merry for it’s the Christmas season!

(whoo hoo, how’s that for taking scripture out of context?)

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