Saturday, December 1, 2007

This and That, Here and There.

Jenny in CA, sorry there is no one Wal-Mart story. I could write a book about my Wal-Mart adventures, but I’ll spare you.

I have just noticed every year that the closer you get to Christmas the scarier it is at Wal-Mart. Sometimes I think I’d rather be in a dark alley all alone at night than at Wal-Mart near Christmastime. It is like everyone has a head cold or a hangover! Normal every day Minivan Moms suddenly morph into people who appear capable of committing murder for that last Disco-Dance Elmo.

It’s a frightening thing.


And Jewlsntexas I really liked your comment about my immigration post. I think I like your idea, perhaps we should ask those who were here first.

One thing I struggle with is that we are all here because of immigration -
But even more upsetting to me is when Christians behave as if anything belongs to them - the world is the Lord's and everything in it.
I agree that there are processes - but at the same time - it smacks sometimes of my kids petty "I was sitting here first!"

Let’s let the Native Americans solve immigration! Seriously, I would live to ask a Native American what they think of the whole immigration situation, I bet they might have an idea or two.


I have much to say about the Holliday Brunch today, it was a great time and I have pictures! I’ll post that tomorrow.

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