Thursday, December 13, 2007

If at first you don't succeed punish your family some more.

Because I have very little else to do since My Precious died, I'll post the photos of our latest attempt at getting a family Christmas photo. I think there are a few winners in here.

And that sweater makes me look fat. Now that I have seem what I look like in that sweater, it is dead to me. Christmas sweater or no, it will never be worn again.

I also snapped a few photos of just the kids, because they were all so clean and brushed and tucked all at once, I just couldn't help myself.

Then there is this one of D and I. Now remember that sweater totally makes me look fat, and the camera adds 10 pounds and there were two cameras taking photos so that is 20 extra pounds.

Really, I promise. I am skinny like a Supermodel!


Halfmoon Girl said...

You crack me up- I loved the 2 camera comment as well as your sweater being dead to you. These are much better than last times attempt- wasn't your husband looking like he was gonna been one of your sons then? You have a lovely family!

Tonya said...

Great pictures Trish! Nice to see your family.


Tricia said...

Yes, in the last attempt, there were several cousins just out of camera range being a total distraction and my #1 son kept talking to them. D thunked him (in love of course :o) to get his attention right as the photo was snapped.

I am glad I can make you laugh. I find sarcasm, self-deprecation and exaggeration to be my favorite devices to employ while writing! Gotta find the humor in life KWIM?