Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Precious

Something really horribly awful has happened. My laptop said really ugly words to me tonight when I tried to turn her on.

Things like 'must restore something or other, because a file is broken missing or something'. (A Tech genius I am). I tried all things I know to do like turning it on and off a kazillion times and it did not work.

So I did the only other thing I know to do when stuff does not work. I called D. He said I was out of luck. He knows nothing about computers either.

My teens were less helpful as they suggested I simply insert the disk the computer was asking for into the drive. Yeah right, like I know where that is.

So D walked out the door tonight with My Precious, and I am relegated to the dinosaur that is in the back room. I am getting finger cramps from pushing down so hard on these keys. And my blog looks different, more grey than blue. It looks sad and dingy, perhaps it too misses My Precious.

So if it is a little quite here on the Hilltop for a while you'll know why. It is because D came back home with My Precious only minus all her information. If this is the case and My Precious ceases to remember anything I have told her or any of the photos I have shown her you will hear the wail all the way in Canada. Then you will here only silence as I crawl into my unhappy place where it is dark, and there are no documents or photos of 07.

Please, please, My Precious, hold on. Help is coming. Don't give up, I need you!

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