Sunday, December 30, 2007

Katie is running around Heaven tonight.

I believe that God is sovereign and I believe that God is love. Because I believe these things, something like this is so hard to understand.

I got the news today that my friend D (who is my best friend S’s SIL) and her husband E, lost their 15 year old daughter Katie, yesterday.

Katie was born handicapped and struggled all her life just to breathe. She has never been well, she has never walked, she has never sung, she has never danced, she has never said I love you.

Yesterday, while surrounded by her family, Katie quietly slipped into the arms of Jesus.

This side of eternity we will never know why God allowed his beloved Katie to have such a hard life. But what we do know, is that right now…

Katie is well.

Katie is walking.

Katie is singing,

and Katie is dancing.

And one day, when they are all reunited, D and E will hear Katie say, I love you.

My friend Tonya, who is Katie’s aunt wrote a beautiful tribute to Katie.


Halfmoon Girl said...

THAT was a beautiful tribute too. I love that you are believing the truth even though it is hard to understand. I will remember to pray for Katie's family. I try to think of the song I Can Only Imagine when I think of my loved ones in heaven.

Tonya said...

Thanks. The service yesterday was incredible. I'm sure S will tell you (it was videotaped, so if you want a good cry, watch it). It was truly amazing. A testimony to God's incredible work in all their lives. It has been so painful and yet so awesome at the same time. God is good. His love is wonderful. I cried so much of the service. At the end, they sang "It is Well". I thought I wouldn't be able to sing at all, but you know, it is well with my soul - I sang without crying for that song.