Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Black/Brown is just wrong!

Who is using Black/brown mascara? Really, how many sales of black/brown mascara are intentional? Are there really that many people who are tinting their eyelashes with the perfect shade of not quite black?

I can’t tell you how many black/brown mascara tubes are cluttering up my make up drawer right now. I keep buying them! I guess I just can’t get my head around the fact that there is any other eyelash color except black. Why would anyone put any other color on their eyelashes, they want them to sort of stand out?

Really, it is a question, because if all the sales of black/brown mascara are a mistake, then we need to lobby the makeup companies to stop making it. I have wasted a fortune!

I can never take them back because I don’t notice right away; it takes me a while to figure out that I have to put on twice as much to get my eyelashes to stand out.

Then I realize that this mascara is not as dark as my last tube, so then it dawns on me and I read the tube. The insipid black/brown mascara strikes again.

This is a frustration for me. I did not get the long slender body of my sister or her darker shade (here perpetually tan) of skin. I did not get my mom’s thick hair, or my brother’s smooth unfreckled skin. But what I did get was the nice eyelashes.

They are long and curl up, just in the right places. A girl has to play to her strengths. Honestly I’d gladly trade them in for the body type (like my darn sister) that bounces back to it’s nice sleek self after a pregnancy, but God didn’t check with me when he was parting out my parents DNA.

So I got the lashes, and I’m gonna use them. And people, black/brown isn’t going to cut it.


Sheri said...

LOL! That's funny because I recently got sick of buying "Black". I always felt like that was the right color for me, but truly, I prefer black/brown! LOL

Jagsfanalways said...

LOL, I'm another one who gets upset when I accidentally buy "black" I need black/brown or I it looks just "too" much. I have great lashes, too. Until this past year, due to having PRK/Lasik I wasn't even wearing mascara because it would just get all over my lenses, lol.

Have ya tried BLUE? ;)

Tricia said...

Jags Fan, I have tried blue. I remember fondly the days of Jr high where I had yellow, green and blue striped eyeshadow, blue eyeliner and blue eyelashes.

Where the heck were my parents?

And now that I know that at least two of you are intending to buy the black/brown, I will refrain from lobbying the make up companies to stop making it. :o)

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Black brown is for people who have trouble making decisions. I love black at night and brown during the day. Of course in jr high I tried electric blue. Yeah, it was a bit much.