Friday, August 17, 2007


A few random things on this lovely cool Friday. It is only supposed to be 88 today, and in Texas in August that is almost a miracle. Of course it is going to be 97% humidity, but you gotta take the good where you can find it.

Anyway…Here are some flowers I got for my birthday a few weeks ago. Lilies. I Love Lilies. Lilies and Tulips are my favorite flowers. Sadly, as I have previously stated, I have a black thumb so I can’t grow them, I must buy them, or wait for my birthday or an anniversary to enjoy them.

Here is the photo E’s drawing of my lilies. She loves to draw still life’s or is it still lives? I’m no artist, and apparently no linguist either.

Here is what I did yesterday. In order to keep it real around here, and to make sure no one out on the World Wide Web has the misconception that I have it all together, I’m going to show you my desk. Truly it was as bad as it has ever been. We used to have a desktop computer here so it stayed pretty clean because I had to sit there to co any computing. But then we got a laptop and I was mobile, so I didn’t need to sit at my desk, and the desk became a holding zone for, well…everything. Enough explaining, here is the before photo.

So I spent 4 hours going through all the papers and, I don’t know what else, and I found out something. If you ignore paperwork long enough it ceases to be important.

I shredded a garbage bag full of once important documents. Just in case you were worried, I pay all my bills online, so no bills went unpaid during the time my desk was snowed under.

So, here is the after….Ahhhh, I can see the top of my desk again.

Wonder how long it will take for my family to cover it again in ‘very important stuff’ for mom to deal with?

And here is one more thing...this is what happens to a teenager if you let him stay up too many nights in a row, and let him go out in the heat and play soccer, all while existing on a liquid diet because his jaw is wired shut.

I don't remember the last time he fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the day. I think he was two! Boy am I glad he is unwired and back to normal, well as normal as a 16 year old boy can be.

Happy Friday everyone!

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