Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like a little bee...

It’s been a busy week around here this week, what with starting school and having a bonus kid and D working his rear off. He’s hardly been home before 8 every night this week. Not to mention I scheduled 3 doctor/dentist appointments for the first 2 weeks of school. Why in the world did I do that???

Tonight is the meet the teacher night at co op. Since I’m a teacher I have to be there, and so does B because he has to get his first homework assignment from his biology teacher.

It looks like this is going to be a good year at co op. I have 20 students including my own. I have 6 in my 3rd & 4th grade class and 14 in my K – 2nd. The K – 2 class is going to be interesting. That is a lot of little ones, but luckily I found a teen helper, so there will be an extra set of hands. The good news is that I will break even as far as payment goes. I’ll work for 2 class periods and be able to pay for all 5 of the kids’ classes, well almost. I think I’m down $10 or something. I think I can swing that.

School is going okay so far. I like the new Sonlight Language Arts. I am using the year 3 LA for grades 7, 5, 3, & 2. The 3rd grader is going to Scottish Rite so anything other than her SR homework is extra, imo. The 2nd grader is getting it fine and the 5th and 7th grader are going to be taking a writing class at co op that will add to their LA for the year. I think the class will be hard for them, but good-hard.

We’ll start our State Study next week. I am looking forward to that, I’m using Simply Stated as my guide, but have also purchased various games and requested some extra library books that are on the students individual reading levels for quite reading time. We’re doing Colorado first, because we just visited there so it’ll be fresh in their minds, and also because it’s so stinking hot here and perhaps thinking about the mountains will make me feel cooler.

Well, I’d better get back to it. G is on the computer, A & T are reading books in the back room, E is almost finished with her math-Roman Numerals, I HATED Roman Numerals, what is wrong with letting numbers mean numbers, why do they have to add letters? I think this is why I also hated algebra- and B is working on his writing assignment due on the first day of co op. Once E is done I’ll need to round up the 4 young ones and start history.

If you’ve read this far, I’m flattered, it was not much more than a glorified to-do list. Blessings on your day!

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