Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More, I Need More!

I am having a very strange problem. I’ve never had this problem before. I can’t keep T busy. She is so quick at her work. I get her started, move on to another kid, then wham, she’s done. So I give her something else and then move onto another kid, wham, done again.

I am not a fan of busy work but I think I might have to invest in some kind of workbook or something. For the last three days when she is done and I’m working with my other kids, I’ll just give her a book and tell her to go read till I call her. Well, she’s also a fast reader so she’s almost done with the book!

I work with the 4 younger kids doing the same subjects together, only my expectations differ depending on the grade. Well, it is a bit of a problem when T is expected to do more than A (T is in 2nd and A is in 3rd). It is not a problem for T, she’s happy to just keep working, but A does not appreciate that T is doing more/higher level work than she is.

I think I’m going to print off some book report forms and have her write me some book reports, or do more copywork or something.

I know more is not always better, sometimes it’s just more…but it’s kind of a problem when she is off playing with her Littlest Pet Shop and A is still trudging through her math. Especially since T has just done twice as much math in half the time.


She is also flying through the assigned reading. I’m going to have to find more for her to read. I remember reading on the Sonlight Forums about parents who need more reading for their kids. It has always been hard for us to keep up, we definitely don’t need more…well, until now.

I think I just need to get some good science/history type books to have her read. Then I won’t feel bad when she seems to have played more during school hours than done school.
She’s just so fast.

And her handwriting…it’s so neat. UGH! No lie, her handwriting is neater than my 7th grader.

Here’s to hoping she rubs off on my kids!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Maybe she could work on her own newsletter for her family while she is away from them or something like that that she could work on independantly. Is her work too easy for her?

Tricia said...

Good Idea halfmoon girl.

Yes her work is to easy for her. I did not know she was ahead when I bought her math. I am just having her do one page in each section just to make sure she knows it. I am assuming eventually we'll get to where she hasn't learned that yet, and we'll start there.

As for LA I am just expecting more writing, but that is hard because I am expecting, more writing, better penmanship, better spelling of a 2nd grader than a 3rd grader.

I know this is the joy of homeschooling, you can teach where they're at, but the 3rd grader is not real happy about that. :o)

A is dyslexic and will start back at Scottish Rite next week. She will be busy and we working hard, but the work appears 'babish' and she will not like that T is doing higher level work while she is doing 'babish' stuff.

It is just something we will have to deal with, not really something I can fix. A will have to just learn to live with it. I always tell my kids we all have strengths and weaknesses, we're all not the same.

But some days it's harder than others.

Thanks for the newsletter idea.
I think I'll use that.