Monday, August 27, 2007

Homeschool; Day One.

Tidbits from today’s school…

I showed the kids where Cuba is on a map, not because we are studying Cuba, but because Cuba was referenced in our read aloud and no homeschooling mother worth her salt passes up a chance to point things out on a map.

I also mentioned that Cuba was a communist country, not because it pertained to anything, but because I’m a homeschooler and can’t pass up an opportunity to pass on not quite pertinent information to my students.

When A heard this, her eyes got big and she said in her ever-so-dramatic way, “WHAT!!! They eat people there???

We all had a good laugh and discussed the difference between a communist and a cannibal. Very important difference. A communist might want you to share everything you have with them, but they’re not likely to eat you.

And from G.

In his journal today instead of drawing a picture at the top (which, since he is in 7th grade he is not required to do) he wrote, ‘Image Not Found’. I think it is possible he is spending too much time on the computer.

One day down; 179 to go.

Now we’re off to the movies.

**********BY WAY OF EXPLINATION************

I feel that it is necessary to explain why I'm getting total stink-eye from both the boys in our First Day Of School photo.

This is about he 7th shot. A, E, and T had a bad case of the giggles, and my camera was not focusing. We took about 4 photos and then went back into the house and back to work. When I downloaded the photos, I realized I did not have a good one so I interrupted their productivity for the 2nd time and sent them all back out in the heat for another round of photos.

That is also why this is not is not the greatest photo, but I think if I'd have sent them back out for a 3rd round they'd have revolted.

Just so you know, the stink-eye is because they so badly wanted to do their schoolwork, and I was interrupting. It's not at all because their teenage boys.

Really, I promise.


Michelle said...

I had to tell you, I LOL about the journal comment! My 7th grade boy also liked it...hmmm... I may be seeing that soon in his work.

BTW - Mich3 from FIAR.

Halfmoon Girl said...

Your kids are so nice looking- even with the stink eye. I just thought they were trying to be macho.

Tricia said...

Thanks Halfmoon Girl, they are pretty cute.

We've decided they're keepers. :o)

ANd Michelle, glad you came over. :o)