Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 5, Sort Of.

Homeschool Week At Randi's Blog, Day 5, even though I am answering it on day 4, but don't be confused it is the question for day 5, really it is.

This is the day I have been waiting for. Please leave me a comment and I'll be popping over to everyone else's blogs to see what they use.

Because we all know that if there are more than two homeschoolers in the room, someone will ask "What do you use?" and sometimes this can happen if there is only one homeschooler in the room, but that is because she probably needs therapy.

So back to the answer...I posted all about it last week. Long detailed posts with links and reviews. I did it in 4 parts because I am looking for anything else to do with my time but the laundry.

Here goes...

Part 1 What to do with A.

Part 2 What to do with E.

Part 3 What to do with G.

Part 4 What to do with B, The Highschooler.

So, What are you using?

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