Monday, August 20, 2007

Camping and Laundry and Debt, OH MY!

It is a red letter day around here. After a mere 5 weeks, I have finally finished the last of our Colorado camping trip related laundry. Shocking isn’t it?

By way of justifying this horrifying display of housewife ineptitude I must tell you all that my dryer was taking a REALLY long time to dry things, like two hours. Because I am so very astute, it took me weeks to figure out why doing the laundry was taking so long. Finally, after I had to reset the dryer 3 times to dry some blankets, it dawned on me. This is not normal behavior for a relatively new dryer. So I did what every good housewife does. I called my husband.

He did what every good father does and called his teen boys and told them to clean out the dryer tubie things. So the boys got the thing they blow off leaves and grass cuttings…yeah, I think it is actually called a blower, and proceeded to unclog A LOT of lint out of the tubie thing. I think I have figured out where all the missing socks are going; they are simply disintegrating into dryer lint. I clean out SO MUCH dryer lint after every load, and still there was a clog the size of a small dog in that tubie thing. So now that I can get more than two loads a day done, I have finished all the laundry.

Another reason it took so long is that I am washing every last piece of cloth that was in the camper because we are getting ready to sell it. Who knew we had so many linens in that camper?

We are selling it because we are trying to get completely out of debt. We are soooo close. But it is time to sell the old camper for two reasons; one, to pay off some stuff, and two, because when we have it we use it and spend money. We’d much rather camp and go places than stay home and be frugal. Sad but true, we are week.

So we are going to go camper free for one year. YIKES. We have rented a cabin for a long weekend vacation in Arkansas in the fall, and a small beach house owned by some friends for a spring getaway. That’s it. No more spur of the moment weekend camping trips. Oh well. We’ll buy another one as soon as we get the last bit of debt paid off and save for the next camper. If all goes well, and we manage to stay out of the ER, we should be able to do it in a year.

Sometimes being a responsible grown up is overrated.

And now, back to the laundry. Oh, wait, it’s DONE!!!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Man, sometimes I realize how long some of my laundry has been waiting, and I cringe. Glad I am not the only one!

Chris said...

Congratulations on being so close to getting out of debt. What a great acheivement. I wish I could say the same thing for our family. Unexpectedly having to buy two new cars within 6 months made that a little difficult!