Monday, August 13, 2007

It's a Real Simple Misunderstanding.

After all this serious homeschool stuff, I thought it was time for a funny story. I am not so sure my mother in law would appreciate me telling this story, but I’ll try to be discrete. It is just too funny to not tell.

Right before we left on our Colorado trip, my mother-in-law asked me if I could take her to a Dr. appointment. This was not any Dr. appointment, this was one of those Procedures that they make you do as you age. Out of respect for my MIL I will not tell you what the procedure entailed, but I will tell you that the preventative test might just be worse than the disease, and they give you something to “relax” you while they do the test.

When the test was over and my MIL was given a clean bill of health, I started gathering her things and helping her to the car. Keep in mind I drive a 12 passenger van and it is a bit high off the ground. Getting my drunken MIL in my car was quite a trick. And let me tell you, she was drunk. Whatever happy juice they gave her worked in spades. She had this goofy grin on her face and was giggling! Giggling! My MIL!

Anyway, this happy juice also made her a bit talkative. She was asking me all about our upcoming trip to Co, but not really letting me answer her. Then she started digging through her bags, she had something for me she said. A magazine, I needed a magazine for the long car ride, she told me. I tried to assure her that I had at least 5 books and probably had enough reading material to keep me busy all the way to Alaska should we choose to change our destination mid trip. But she would not be deterred. I had to have this magazine.
I’d really like it, it had some good stuff in it, and it was a real simple magazine, so it’d be okay.

Now at this point I started to get a little offended. I am a good reader. I read a lot, 80 to 100 books a year, and some of them classics. I even made it part way through Lorna Dune before I gave up and watched the movie. I may not be the best housewife (proven by the fact that we are still doing laundry from our trip) but read I can do well!

As I begin to work up a real lather in my offended state, my MIL whips out the magazine she finally found on one of her bags, and you guessed it. It is the Real Simple magazine.

I am not a big magazine reader. I used to subscribe to a few parenting magazines when the kids were smaller, but they just served to make me feel guilty every time I let my kids go outside without a helmet and knee pads. So I had no idea there was a magazine called Real Simple.

When I saw the magazine she pulled out of her bag I began to laugh, uproariously. Hysterically. I think my MIL thought I was the drunk one.


Halfmoon Girl said...

very cute- I love those moments of huge laughter- feels so good!

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