Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is There a Designer or Magician or Psychologist in the House?

I have been wracking my brain to try to figure out how to get another bed in my girl’s room. It’s going to be a trick; I need some of those people from HGTV to help me out. Or a magician.

The thing is…I like symmetry and balance. I don’t want to move the dresser to the wall so a trundle bed can come out from under their bunk beds, because when it is put back under the bed the room will be unbalanced. That will drive me mad. The dresser must be centered under the window or my head might explode upon entering the room.

See it is kinda funny, reading that last sentence you’d think I’m one of those anal people whose house is always clean and everything is in its place. HA! So, not true. Apparently my anal tendencies only go towards furniture placement. The giant pile of laundry on the chair in my room? That is fine with me. Just don’t move the chair under it.

So D and I have had many discussions, we’ve gotten out the tape measure, we’ve eyeballed, we’ve measured, we’ve scratched our heads and come up with nothing.

The problem isn’t that the room is too small, they have a larger than average size room, but they have a giant white armoire to hold all their toys because their closet is small. This armoire is screwed to the wall, so it’s not going anywhere.

Their bunked can only fit in one place in the room because of the window and they have a dresser under the window. The thing that is throwing us off is the table.

They have a kitchen table in their room. I know this sounds strange but it works great! It is a small, white, rectangle table with two chairs. It is perfect for all their arts and crafts and for them to do their school work on. We don’t have a lot of room anywhere else for them to do this stuff. Before we got them the kitchen table, they were constantly taking over my kitchen table to do all their girly artsy stuff. Every time I wanted to set the table I had to have the girls clear it off all their stuff. I SO don’t want to go back to that.

So…If one of you 10 daily readers of my blog happens to work for HGTV, shoot me an email, we need to talk. Or, you know, if you’re a magician…or maybe what I really need is a psychologist.

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Trina said...

I am none of the above...hahaha But good luck to ya!! I understand why you would have a mini table in the girls rooms. Sounds like an awesome idea to me! When our children are home with us all day long we have to be more practical sometimes, than beautiful. Lovin your blog btw!