Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Party of seven...

All the girl cousins.

Our lives have just gotten a little more interesting. T, my niece will be staying with us for an undetermined amount of time. She is in 2nd grade so teaching her won’t be too hard; I’ll just use the stuff I used last year for A.

Her dad, D’s brother, is having back surgery. Serious back surgery, with a long recovery time and much physical therapy. They live about an hour from us so sending her back and forth is not convenient, and defeats the purpose of having her here. That purpose is so D’s brother can recover and his wife can work while he is recovering.

We can really see that the Lord has been preparing us for this for some time. We decided to take a year off from several commitments at church, say no to new things, and sell the camper (that my family of 6 can barely fit in). The Lord has also blessed us financially this year with a little extra, so we can afford to have an extra mouth to feed and brain to educate.

My year is pretty busy already so I am trying not to worry and give it to the Lord. He knows what I can handle. This is what family is all about, helping each other out.

My girls are so excited they can hardly stand it. T used to live down the street and they practically lived together when T was not in school. They can’t wait for her to get to stay with us. I’ll pick her up on Sat.

So we have another player in our little production. We are blessed.

Now, off to the homeschool store to buy more curriculum.

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Halfmoon Girl said...

What a lovely picture. My daughter has 2 cousins the same age as her, and I was just taking some pics of them last night. I love that they are so close.