Tuesday, May 27, 2008

20 Things I Will Never Do

Wish I had more laundry

Take part in any sort of public speaking event

Sing where anyone who is not bound to me by blood or marital commitment can hear me

Take part in any sort of spelling contest

Go so green that I give up air conditioning

Walk away from a chocolate buffet without partaking heavily

Say “Hay let’s go for a hike!” when it is over 70 degrees

Give up WiFi

Say “No thank you” to someone offering me coffee

Get in debt again

Go jogging before 7 am

Go jogging period

Decide to gain a few pounds

Go into any sort of math related field

Say “Hey! I get to go to the Dentist tomorrow! YaHoo!”

Say “Hey! I get to go to the ObGyn tomorrow! YaHoo!”

Not melt when any of my kiddoes say “Mom, I love you”

Say, “Hay, Sir D, add more garlic to that”

Say, “Hay Sir D, put some more onions in that.

Rue the day I started this thing called blogging!

Thanks BooMama for the idea!
So, what are your 20 things?

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