Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Whole Lot of Nothing

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. The library is back online. I can renew my books and I can request new ones. All is right with the world again. They even have this new feature where I can click on a 'renew all' button and it will renew all the books I have out and I don't have to click on an individual book. This is a very nice feature when one has out 143 books.

On a completely unrelated note, Will's truck got hit yesterday. He has a very nice size dent on the cab of his truck right behind the drivers side door. The door opens and closes fine, but it sure looks a sight!

Sir D thinks the ins co will probably total it. It has 5 million miles on it and the dent is in a place that will be expensive to repair. So, Will might be without wheels for a while. Or he might just choose to pocket the $, keep the dent and save for another car. I'm just grateful that this accident was not his fault. He was not even in the car at the time so the ins co can NOT raise our rates agin!

On another completely unrelated note, I'm going to take Eve shopping for some summer clothes today. Lord help me. Seriously, I do this with great prayer. She is so picky about her clothes, and not in the way you would think. It's not about fashion it's about comfort. It has to 'feel' right or she simply won't wear it. Sadly, we're not made of money so she'll have to do her best to find something that 'feels' right at Target or Walmart.

This must be what Sir D feels like before he goes hunting; tempered optimism. Will we find something? Please let us find something!


Melanie said...

With most insurance companies, if you accept the total-out settlement, you have to sign over the car to them and they take away and do whatever they want with it. :-(

Sandy said...

Our library was recently closed for a month while they moved into a new building. Painful, but worth it. My husband backed into a tree yesterday so instead of working he's on his way to pick up a new door. Fun. My husband is the one who takes my girls clothes shopping. They love it. He spends more than I do and he'll go to the mall.

Melanie said...

143 books, wow. Our library only lets you check out 14 books per card. Seriously. 14.