Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Day at the Pool

We had a little end of school party today, even though technically the kids still have some math to do.

We went to the pool with another family. We had a great time. I was determined to get some exercise. (It seems my swimsuit shrunk a bit while in storage over the winter) I swam laps and then tread water until I thought my legs were going to fall off. Who knew you could feel the burn while immersed in water?

After all this, when I was about to get out and have some adult conversation with my friend, I was begged to join in the game the kids were setting up. It was just the 5 little girls at first; teens are way too cool for such childishness. I relented because I was determined to appreciate every moment with my kids today.

We started playing the game ‘Colors’, though I am sure it goes by many names, or perhaps it is a game the kids just made up on the spot. I won’t bore you with all the rules, but it involved chasing each other around the pool.

As it turns out, all the water treading and lap swimming was unnecessary. Lawsey Mercy, those kids wore me out! But it was worth every second. By the time we were done even the teens were playing and laughing right along with the rest of us.

Here is my question though; why is it that after a day at the pool where the kids were twice as active as I was, I’m the one who is ready for bed, NOW, and the kids are still going, going, going, just like the Energizer Bunny?

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