Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two things.

1. Will and Bob did their many lawns today and all is well. All limbs and appendages are present and accounted for.

2. I am leaving for the Texas Hill Country Friday morning with my sister and NO ONE ELSE. We are going to visit my aunt and uncle on their ranch. Rancho Alacran. For those of you not familiar with the Spanish language, that is Scorpion Ranch. Because there are scorpions there.

But you know what isn’t there? Responsibility. Oh happy day!

I am not feeling completely well, thank you for asking Jane. But I’m leaving town anyway. Because I like to spread the germs far and wide I’m sure I’m not contagious anymore.

Oh, and one more thing. (That makes three, whoops.) Tonya, I would love for my boys to work for you. They are quite good at their jobs. They are also quite reasonably priced. However, I think the travel expenses might make it cost prohibitive.


Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh, I am glad that you can still get away! Have a wonderful time! Do.not.get.stung- you will come back in worse shape then you went!

Tonya said...

Yeah, it is a tad far. Sigh. Oh well, we'll figure it out. Colorado is much closer! Still, too far.