Friday, May 16, 2008

Hay! I'm a Sewer. (Not the Stinky Kind!)


Please, those of you who sew, look away. Those of you who don’t sew, LOOK WHAT I MADE!

I have always wanted to learn to sew, but, well, who has time? I finally decided NOW was the time. I want to teach my daughters how to sew, and that is a bit tricky when I don’t know how myself.

I mentioned my desire to learn to sew to my aunt who is a quilter (blue ribbon winning quilts no less). She was quite happy to loan me her back-up machine. Her back up machine is a Bernina. Turns out, a Bernina is the Porch of the sewing machine world. I am learning how to sew on a $700 machine.

YIKES! No pressure or anything.

Today I got over my stickershockaphobia and got to work. Here is what I made. Isn’t it cute? A friend of mine is having his first baby. (Okay he’s not having it, his wife is). This is actually a guy I dated in high school. My SIL’s brother. Is that weird, to give a baby gift to a guy I once dated? He’s kinda like family, and I’m quite happily married thankyouverymuch! Okay, now that we’ve all decided giving a baby gift to an old boyfriend is NOT weird, we should all clap for my new skill!

Please don’t look too closely at the stitching. It is a bit tough not wandering all over. Sewing a straight seam is much harder than it looks.

Not bad for a first timer right? I’m going to make some burp cloths to go with the blanket too.

Whoo Hoo I’m a sewer! (As in one who sews not one who stinks.)


Halfmoon Girl said...

good job! I love the polka dot fabric and colors!

Tonya said...

Very cute! He's having his first child? Yep, I know who you're talking about. :-) He's married? Long time since I've heard anything about him. Hope all is well there. Did you know I dated him as well. Not exactly something I brag about.

JasonBecca said...

Looks great! My recent attempt at sewing produced swaddling blankets for my nephew that didn't exactly end up being rectangular :-). So yours looks very nice and perpendicular on the edges! :-) Becca

Melinda said...

What a great job! I love your fabric colors! I also learned on simple baby projects and on my mom's $700 Bernina. ;)