Friday, May 2, 2008

Stand Up Straight!

The expense joys of parenthood.

Eve had a capped baby-tooth molar that was loose back in Oct/Nov. When I took her into the dentist for a checkup, he noticed it and told her to work on getting it out.

Well, you know, the holidays, life got busy, excuse, excuse…

She commented on it still not being out at the beginning of April. I had totally forgotten. The tooth underneath was trying to come up (you could see it off to one side) and the tooth still was not out!

So I bribed her and told her I’d give her $10 if she could get it out by the end of April. I figured it would be cheaper than going to the dentist and having it pulled.

Well, she got it out the night of April 30th. (Nothing like taking it down to the wire!).

When I looked in her mouth I realized that the molar coming in is completely sideways! The part I can see poking through the gum on the top is the side of her tooth! It is actually aimed into her mouth, making a protrusion in the inner jaw! UGH!!!

I’ve got an appointment with our orthodontist (that we just paid off for Will’s braced 3 months ago) on Wednesday.

So here’s the question. What is the ortho going to do? Any clues? Please tell me he's just going to speak sternly to the tooth and it'll stand up straight.

I want to prepare her if I can. UGH! If it’s not one expense thing it’s another expense.

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Homeschool Journey said...

Sorry to hear about the tooth. I have no idea what the dentist will recommend, but it doesn't sound good. Personally, I wonder why the dentist didn't have current x-rays. It's not your fault - they could've seen this coming.