Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Only in Texas

Only in Texas does someone think this is a good idea.

Liquor and guns sold in the same establishment. This little shop has been open for years near my aunt and uncle’s house.

I laugh every time I see it.

God bless America.


jewlsntexas said...

I was just at my neighbor's house tonight and we were talking about this very thing - how firearms and alcohol were a dangerous mix! Funny.

Rachel said...

I swear I've seen that store.. and yes, only in Texas do we sell liquor and guns in the same place and have drive thru beer barns, yet tell you not to drink and drive.
Darling blog!

Melanie said...

Here in College Town, AL, you can get "draft to go". I'm presuming they're not checking people's pockets for their car keys before they head out the door with them.

But I must say, a beer-n-guns store is a new one on me!