Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'll Take Random for $1000 Alex.

Just in case you were wondering, I am not still in bed. I had to get up early (well, early for summer) and go to that appointment.

It is done.

It was not as awful as I remember, thought it certainly was not pleasant. One tolerable slightly less than horrible nice thing was this doctor had an actual cotton hospital gown thing to put on instead of the paper gown. That was tolerable slightly less than horrible nice. Obviously it was a woman doctor. Only a woman doctor would think of that.

On another note, I am driving a friends mini van right now while they borrow the Mother Ship to go on a trip with her parents in tow (and of course their 5 kids). They made noises about wanting to buy it from us when we sell it. We are considering selling it because Sir D thinks we need something bigger louder manlier with an engine better designed for towing.

I filled up their mini van for around $50. That is amazing. I had no idea you could fill up a motor vehicle of any kind for under $90. Astounding!

Now I must go and begin washing the 5,623,497 loads of laundry clogging my laundry room. It could take a while. I didn’t want you to think my summer would be full of lounging by the pool. Worry not. It might take me all summer just to get caught up on laundry.

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Sandy said...

We're currently spending $75.00 to fill up our van. Will I sound old and bitter if I say that four years ago we could fill it up for $20.00?