Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Man and His Head Covering

A few of you have asked why D is wearing a helmet. I hate to leave the three of you in suspense, so here you go. I aim to please.

D is very weird about Internet security. To say he is a bit obsessed on the topic is not far off. He simply cannot believe that I put things on the Internet for anyone and everyone to read. But he lets me do it.

I suspect the first time he can google my full name and get my blog, will be the last day I have a blog.

Anyway, he saw that I had a photo of him and said he was not totally happy about that, but he did not tell me I had to change it. So out of deference to D and because I am such a submissive and compliant wife I covered his face with a smiley face.

Then there was this post, where I referred to him as my knight and shining armor. In a comment of that post Renee suggested I should give him a knight’s helmet instead of the silly smiley face I had him covered with at the time. And viola! The idea was born.

So there you go. Internet security. The Story of Two Princesses, One Evil Queen, Two Knights in Shining Armor, A Mama Bear and an Irate Neighbor, and Renee, all lead to D’s current covered state.

Now that you know this information, you are free to move about the internet.

Happy Saturday!


Tonya said...

I figured you knew. Thanks for not saying anything on my blog. I've miscarried twice, so cautious about broadcasting everywhere. I will make an official announcement in a few weeks, if all goes well.

Halfmoon Girl said...

My hubby is the same way, so I understand. I love the knight helmet though!

Renae said...

Glad I could be of assistance. :) Evey time I visit your blog, I can't help but laugh. I have told you how much I like the helmet, haven't I?