Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Photo

This is the family photo I like. I still don't know how they got so big.

This one is okay, but Will's head is floating. He had on a dark navy shirt that blended into the black background.

Will appears to be sneering in this one and Ann has a goofy look.

This one I like, but Will's head is floating again.

And here are Sir D and I. Holy cow! Who's that slightly pudgy middle aged lady? I know it's not me cuz last time I looked I was a smokin' hot, skinny teenager, right? And what happened to Sir D's hair? I remember running my fingers through those thick, never-mind.


Lynn said...

Your photos turned out great! How DO they grow up so quickly??? I've been wondering the same thing. We're right in there together, Tricia!


Halfmoon Girl said...

Those are great pics, though I see what you mean about the floating head. I like the first one best too. The one of you and Sir D is very nice as well. I remember you posting family pics last year- your kids have grown!

Tonya said...

Ummm, I think I met you when you were boy #2's age and I met your hubby when he was boy #1's age. Yikes, are we all really that old? I look in the mirror and think, "who is that old woman? I don't think of myself as an adult, but I obviously am." Once, Dawn and Sarah had a funny quote about getting old, "before the wrinkles set in, I'd better get some inner beauty!" Let's hope we did that. :-)

justjuls said...

These are great!
I agree - I wouldn't like floating headed family members - you could photoshop it and change the background!

Happy Mommy said...

Just beautiful! You have a lovely family!